Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Dell streak Vs. Samsung Captivate

The Captivate is the Samsung Galaxy S, it's samsung's latest and greatest response to all the android phone hype, and especially dell's incredible STREAK ... Here's a side by side shot from :

Through my research on the subject, here's the low-down on both handsets if you are not settled yet on which to get ...

Hull: The streak wins by miles. The Samsung has a plastic body while the streak has a metal back and gorilla glass up-front. period. Here's a video of the streak being tough under torture:

Hardware: Both are just fine, except that the captivate/galaxy S is superior concerning graphics performance, it's a powerful gaming device, not that gaming in android deserves all that juice quite honestly ... and of course, Samsung ALWAYS wins when it comes to displays, becuz of their amazing super AMOLEDs, not that the LCD on the streak is bad or anything, it's just that the captivate wins in here quality wise, because the 5" beast on the streak will attract you nonetheless like a mosquito to a candle flame ... The only thing that the dell possesses over the galaxy is it's HDMI port, which is a big plus if you ask me!

Software: Both run android, but the streak lags with v1.6 while the captivate leads by the 2.1, but both will be getting the latest android FroYo 2.2 by the end of the year, and both are probably eligible for the android 3.0 upgrade scheduled later on ...

Package: the streak comes with a desktop docking bay, while the galaxy doesn't ... meh.

So, It's a hard comparison, but the streak definitely wins as a marvelous peace of hardware, and the Samsung wins as a device, as a phone, and it's really really fast ... bottom line: you want a tablet phone: DELL STREAK , you want a SUPER phone: SAMSUNG GALAXY S!

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El Wiseguy said...

Dude, the Captivate also has Gorilla Glass. I just confirmed by calling Samsung. Call them yourself.